Ilaro 1.2 update is near

The 1.2 update is currently in testing and nearing completion. The update focuses on 3 areas: stability, workflow, and functionality.


Thanks to all our users who have contacted support with your stability issues. Ilaro 1.2 addresses every problem brought to our attention.  Keep the reports coming!

Inline card creation

The 1.2 update adds inline card creation. Gone is the need to exit your note to setup the authors, sources, and subjects you need to tag a note card. Users will be able to create cards as they need them without abandoning their current operation.

Note browsing

We have also revamped the card detail view. The new view allows users to browse related notes, subjects, authors, and sources from the detail view. We believe this significant update helps realize the Ilaro vision of maximizing research productivity.


We also have added two additional modes to supplement the note card grid and timeline modes. The new modes are designed to address the workflow and organizational needs of researchers.  We’ll let those be a surprise.  However, we think you’ll love them!

A kind thanks

We love hearing from our users! It is exhilarating to hear about the reports, books, and projects being worked on in our user community.  Knowing how you are using Ilaro helps direct our engineering and design efforts.  Please contact support at to share your experience using Ilaro as well as any concerns, questions, or requests.  We can’t promise we will implement every feature you want to see, but we do promise every idea will be well considered.