1.2.5 update is now available

The #1 requested feature for Ilaro is now in the App Store! Ilaro now includes a handy, dandy user guide to make it even easier to get get up and running with Ilaro.

The 1.2.5 release includes a few enhancements to make staying organized even simpler. You will immediately notice that note cards now feature color to signify subject category tagging. The category colors appear on a strip and in direct relation to the top subjects on the card. We received this request from teachers deploying Ilaro for class room use. If you don’t want card coloring, it can be disabled under “Appearance” in settings.

Note cards with category colors

To support and encourage use of subject categories to organize research, Ilaro has improved support for merging subjects and categories. For anyone who finds themselves having duplicate subjects or want to remove a subject that has been tagged on 100 cards, no need to worry. Just select the option to merge the subject with a different subject to preserve your tagging!

Remove subject by merging

The filter tool now includes logical operators for subject and category filtering. This user requested feature will better support different styles of note tagging and subject creation. Operators are also saved on Smart Filters!

Logical operator on filter

For our advanced users, we have amped up bibliographic record keeping by adding more fields to references (DOI, for example) and added a number of source formats to make filtering an even more powerful tool. These improvements will prove useful as we continue development of the 1.3 release.

If you haven’t already, head to the App Store for the latest update! And keep those requests coming. We enjoy your feedback and will keep doing what we can to make sure Ilaro keeps getting better and better!