Ilaro 2.0

For Ilaro 2.0 we focused on improving the Ilaro workflow while simplifying search and card filtering. We are quite proud of the result and think you will be pleased, too.

The first change Ilaro 1.x users will notice is iOS 7 integration. iOS7 eschews skeuomorphic design for content-first simplicity and clutter-free design. Ilaro benefits from this new design language as well as iOS7 innovations such as Dynamic Text and AirDrop.

We integrated note card filtering directly into the interface. Now you can experiment with different filtering options while still browsing your notes. Also, full-text search expands your filtering options by allowing you to perform queries not directly related to your tags. The text search also allows you to quickly find items in lists.

We aimed to simplify source entry by integrating ISBN and ISSN lookup. Now you can simply enter these codes in the source lookup field and Ilaro will query the internet for the full source record. Even better, use the camera on your iPhone or iPad to scan barcodes for even more efficient source entry.

And once your source records have been entered, export your sources in bibliographic format. With the integrated CSL processor, Ilaro can now offer support for a number of citation styles. With each update, we will expand the citation formatting options. Feel free to contact support to help us prioritize which citation styles to integrate next.

With the 2.0 release, we return to our monthly update cycle so keep those feature requests coming!

Ilaro 2.0 is a free upgrade for purchasers of Ilaro 1.x.