Ilaro 1.3: Available in the App Store

If you are one of those users who has wanted to group and re-order cards, I have good news for you: with Ilaro 1.3, now you can.

We call this new feature “Stacks.” The Stacks option appears as a new content type along with Notes, Sources, Authors, and Subjects. Create card stacks just like creating other cards (by tapping “+”). Tap a stack card to explore the content of that stack. Editing options include the ability to add and remove cards to and from the stack, to edit the stack description, to duplicate the stack in another project, and to delete the stack (but not the note cards) from the project. To rearrange stacks and their contents, just tap and hold the card, then move it to a new location. As with note cards, stacks can be exported and printed.

You can get started with stacks today! The Ilaro 1.3 update is now in the App Store. Along with the stacks feature, this update brings important improvements and bug fixes.

Updaters will notice a few interface changes: The updated dashboard better allows you to quickly preview your notes and journal entries. On iPad, the research journal saves you a couple of taps by better integrating the date selector into the journal. We are always looking for ways to improve the Ilaro workflow!

As requested by users, you can now highlight text while editing notes and journal entries to get text formatting options. Also, as requested by users, you can also now set the card sizes on a per card type basis.

The update also fixes bugs related to linking cards without content and improves both timeline and smart filter stability. Be sure to contact support ( with any bug reports or stability problems you experience. Reporting problems directly to us is the surest way to getting issues resolved in a hurry.

As always, contact us at with your feature requests, comments, and ideas. We are always looking to improve the product and your feedback matters immensely!