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Thanks so much for your feedback! Your concise and specific response is very helpful.

The “title” on the note card should actually be the “source” for the card. We have fixed that in the latest update. I have made a note to design a workflow to allow users to create new cards without having to abandon the current operation. We are in a continuing process of improving the workflow to better fit our users. User feedback is an important part of charting the direction of the app.

We decided to allow creating cards without forcing users to create a project to support users/testers who wanted that ability. It was an extension of allowing note cards to be assigned to any number of projects.

The crash is a major concern and that particular activity is one we tested, but it still found its way into the open. We will address it in the next update. I apologize for the inconvenience it causes.

Ilaro started as a personal app for my own Ph.D. research. I originally coded it for laptop and later coded it for iOS when I got my first iPad. After colleagues and friends noticed the app and gave it a favorable response, I decided to partner up and set it out into the world. Your feedback is an essential part of making Ilaro “yours” and not just “mine.”

In the iOS ecosystem, a 2-week update cycle is pretty much the fastest turnaround one can achieve. We will address nasty bugs and quirks as closely to the 2-week cycle as we possibly can. We hope to do a major feature update monthly over the coming months.

Thanks again for taking the time to share your feedback.

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